Bosch Tassimo T45 Review

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Simon James

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On February 5, 2017
Last modified:March 20, 2018


The Bosch Tassimo T45 Joy 2 is ticking a number of boxes for us. If you're looking for an versatile yet uncomplicated drinks machine, you definitely can't go wrong here. We think this machine delivers on ease of use and of course delicious flavour from the wonderful selection T discs available from Tassimo. It's a stylish machine that looks great in any Kitchen and at under £60 we think overall this represents pretty decent value for money.


Get that perfect cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate every time, without having to leave your kitchen!  We’ve reviewed the Bosch TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy 2 Hot Drinks Machine and we think you’re going to like it.

What Do You Get?

Tassimo Intellibrew

The Tassimo Intellibrew is a really clever feature that takes care of everything including water temperature, brew time and the amount of water required to make the hot drink  perfectly. The barcode scanner reads the barcode on the T disc when it is loaded into the machine. The barcode on the disc contains all the instructions to make the drink exactly how it was intended. A nice feature that takes out all the guesswork.

Large Water Tank

The water tank on this machine comes in at quite a large 1.4 L, which considering it’s size is actually pretty decent. It means that you can comfortably make a few drinks without having to fill the reservoir up, cutting down the amount of times you have to remove the tank from the back of the machine, take it to the sink and fill with water.

Removable drip tray

The Bosch Tassimo T45 Joy 2 has a drip tray which is both removable and height adjustable, also very easy to clean.


BRITA MAXTRA Water filter

This was another no brainer for me when choosing the Bosch TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy 2  – I’m talking about that integrated BRITA water filter. The filter is pretty much crucial to delivering the best tasting water, which means my coffee isn’t tainted with nasty things like chlorine and limescale but it also keeps my appliance alive for longer – absolutely vital, especially if you live in an area with hard water like myself.

Pure Style

The Bosch Tassimo T45 Joy 2 is finished in a delicious glossy black, which we think this machine looks pretty sleek and stylish. However, if glossy black isn’t quite your thing, you’ll be pleased to know its also available in other colours and styles including white, red and purple (but black is definitely our favourite)!

Cleaning Disc

A service T Disc is provided with the machine, so this takes care of all the essential maintenance including cleaning and descaling of the brewing system.

How Long Does It Take?

The short answer is, seconds! The Bosch Tassimo T45 really is very, very quick. It’s a fully automatic machine, so all you need to is grab your T Disc (some drinks require more than one), load it into the machine and press go! The machine will get to work straight away and deliver the perfect hot drink in under a minute.

Ease Of Use

It’s easy, so very easy. As mentioned previously, the Smart Intellibrew technology is a seriously impressive feature, that will take care of all the hard work for you by making sure whatever hot drink you’re making comes out perfectly every time. It does this by reading the bar code on the T Disc and will automatically adjust things like temperature, the amount of water needed and brewing time. Those hot chocolates are going to taste creamy, those lattes are deliciously smooth and that herbal tea will be perfectly brewed! It really feels like you’re getting the proper barista-style experience intended, in every single cup. It’s consistency here that we’re talking about guys!

Cleaning is also pretty simple too you’ll be pleased to hear, all you need to do is pop in the cleaning T Disc which is provided and that will take care of all your cleaning and descaling. The external surfaces are plastic and easy to wipe clean, whilst the removable drip tray is also comes in handy.

What Kind Of Hot Drinks Can I Make?

There’s a pretty impressive range of hot drinks available in the Tassimo range including Cappuccino, Americano, Latte, Latte Macchiato, Espresso, Tea and Hot Chocolate. With a number of popular brands including Costa, Carte Noir, Cadbury, Gevalia, Kenco, Oreo and Twinings. The sheer variety of hot drinks available in this range means that there is definitely something here for everyone to enjoy.

Product Details

Brand Bosch
Model Number TAS4502GB
Type Of Pods Tassimo T Disc
Material Plastic
Size 28.9 x  23.0 x 33.3 (cm) (H x W x D)
Weight 3.3 kg
Manufacturer Guarantee 2 Years
Water Tank Capacity 1.4 Litres
Water Filter BRITA Water Filter integrated
Coffee Beans No

 What Did We Like?


I was seriously impressed with just how quick it is to heat the water to the right temperature, this system is rapid. There’s almost no pre-heat time at all here people, you just pop the disc in and press go. The Bosch Tassimo T45 Joy will begin to deliver your steamy hot cup pretty much immediately.


I really like the selection of hot drinks by Tassimo, there’s a huge range to explore from hot chocolates to herbal teas –  I’m sure you’ll find your favourite, that’s all part of the fun!


The Intellibrew system is so clever, I’m getting that barista-quality coffee in my cup at the perfect temperature, with the perfect flavour whenever I need it. Combine this with the BRITA water filtration and you’re really delivering the perfect cup every time.

Water Tank

The Bosch Tassimo T45 Joy 2 has a large 1.4 Litre water tank which, doesn’t constantly need filling up. This means you can comfortably make a small round of drinks without having to remove the tank and fill with water.

What Didn’t We Like?

It’s a really small thing and probably down to user error but we’re really struggling here! I managed to load one of the T Discs incorrectly which lead to some lose coffee granules around the barcode scanner and around the inside of the machine. I personally found it a little tricky to get a cloth in there to clean this out as its quite a tight space, so this could potentially be an issue for people.

Some Practical Notes

Make sure you read the instructions before using, its pretty important to follow the initial cleaning setup or this will affect the taste. A very simple process which involves filling the machine a couple of times with water.

Overall Thoughts

The Bosch Tassimo T45 Joy 2 is ticking a number of boxes for us. If you’re looking for an versatile yet uncomplicated drinks machine, you definitely can’t go wrong here. We think this machine delivers on ease of use and of course delicious flavour from the wonderful selection T discs available from Tassimo. It’s a stylish machine that looks great in any Kitchen and at under £60 we think overall this represents pretty decent value for money.




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